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Fenkid® Butterfly starting Nov.

7x on Fridays, 10.Nov.. – 22. Dez., 09:30h - 10:45h

  • Beginnt am: 10. Nov.
  • 145 Euro
  • Lützowstraße

Freie Plätze


The classes follow the FenKid concept, “ Frühe Entwicklung des Kindes begleiten” which means “accompanying the development of a child in its first years of life.” In an environment appropriate for the age of your baby, there is an opportunity for your baby to play, to experience the environment, to move around or just “to be”. One important part of Fenkid is to learn about the individuality and needs of our child, by watching, appreciating, valuing, perceiving and sharing the moment. Afterwards we talk and reflect about what we have seen. This helps us to learn to read the signals of our child and how to respond in an individual manner.


  • Lützowstraße 11a, München, Deutschland

    089 871 816 21

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